Personal Ministries


Our Mission:  The mission of Personal Ministries is to provide resources and training to involve every church member in soul-winning service. Equipping and mobilizing the lay members of the Hillsdale Seventh-day Adventist church is necessary to finish the work entrusted to us. It is vital for both spiritual preparation of our members and for reaching the world with the everlasting gospel and the three angels' messages.


Our Goal:  To Make Disciples


The five essential evangelistic phases to make active disciples of Christ include:

  1.  The soil of the heart must be prepared with friendship and service.
  2.  The seed of the Word must be planted with truth-filled literature, media, testimonies, and invitations to Bible studies or seminars.
  3. Spiritual interest musts be cultivated with ongoing Bible studies.
  4. Decisions to follow Christ and HIs Word must be harvested with personal and public appeals, and
  5. The harvest must be preserved with ongoing and systematic discipleship of new members.